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    CBUS is an Australian superannuation provider offering insurance cover for total and permanent disablement, income protection, and death cover. If you have been diagnosed with a physical or psychological condition that prevents you from working, or if you are unable to return to work due to a permanent disability, then making a CBUS TPD claim can help you secure the finances you need to support yourself and your loved ones.

    Successfully claiming your CBUS TPD insurance benefits can be challenging. It would help if you met some conditions to win your payout.

    Australian Leaders in Winning Cbus TPD Claims

    Aussie Injury Lawyers are leaders in winning CBUS super tpd claims with a 99% success rate. At no charge, we will contact CBUS on your behalf and let you know the following:

    1. Your CBUS superannuation insurance policies
    2. The value of your policies
    3. The terms and conditions that must be satisfied for a successful lump sum payout
    4. Any other CBUS requirements specific to your circumstances

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    Who is Cbus in Australia?

    In Australia, the leading superannuation provider for the building and construction industry is CBUS. They are also known as the Construction and Building Unions Superannuation Fund or CBUS. It might seem obvious that most of their financial members are building site workers, construction workers, labourers and tradespeople.

    CBUS began in 1984 under its original name, the Building Unions Superannuation Scheme. Its primary goal was to provide a secure retirement for dedicated construction industry employees. Since this time, it has become one of Australia’s best-performing super funds. As of the end of 2022, it had over 875,00 CBUS members and $73 billion in funds under management.

    Like most Australian superannuation funds, it provides disability and injury insurance products to its members, including income protection, terminal illness and death insurance and Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) coverage.

    If you are a current CBUS member, you may feel reassured knowing that in the 2021/2022 financial year, they paid out $297 million in insurance benefits from 2,830 claims.

    What is The Risk of Injury in the Building and Construction Industry?

    If you are currently employed in the building and construction industry, you are likely already aware of the injury risk in your profession. Despite all Australian employers having a legal obligation to provide staff with a safe and healthy workplace, employees are injured in work accidents every year.

    In fact, Australian Bureau of Statistics data shows that over 497,000 people suffered a work-related illness or injury in the last financial year. Lifting, bending, pushing and pulling were the frequent triggers of harm. Of those who suffered a physical injury or work-related mental illness, 31% lodged a workers’ compensation claim.

    When you are harmed on the job or in other work-related activities and need time away from work temporarily or permanently, you could have a successful TPD or income protection claim.

    3 smiling construction workers celebrating after getting a CBUS TPD payout

    Who is the insurer for Cbus?

    TAL Life Limited provides insurance coverage for Cbus members via a group policy.

    Cbus Super Insurance Cover

    Like most Australian superannuation providers, Cbus has three insurance products: income insurance, TPD and terminal illness or death coverage.

    Cbus Income Protection Cover

    When you can’t work temporarily because of an accident or illness, Cbus Income Protection Cover will give you monthly financial support.

    More about income protection claims >

    Cbus Death Insurance Coverage

    If you are given a terminal diagnosis or pass away, Cbus death cover offers death benefits to you or your beneficiaries.

    More about death benefit claims >

    Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Cover

    If you will likely never work again in a profession you are qualified for by your education, training, or experience, Cbus TPD cover could provide a lump sum insurance payout. You could have a winning claim, even if you can work in a different role. However, success relies on other factors like:

    • Were you working at the time you became ill or injured?
    • Did you stop working because of your medical issue?

    The skilled TPD lawyers at Aussie Injury Lawyers know the requirements to win your TPD benefits and regularly negotiate with Cbus insurance assessors. In fact, we have a 99% success rate for these types of litigated matters. Contact us now to see how we might help you.

    Learn more about TPD claims >

    CBUS TPD Definition

    The Cbus TPD definition allows you to lodge a TPD claim when you cannot work in your regular occupation for three consecutive months due to illness, physical injury or mental health condition. Your claim could be approved when, after reviewing your medical (and other) evidence, they believe you can no longer engage in any regular paid work for which you are reasonably suited by training, education or experience at the time of your claim assessment.

    How to Make a Cbus Insurance Claim

    You could make a claim and receive an insurance benefit, depending on the policies available through your CBUS super. To get started, please speak with our experienced TPD lawyers, who will ensure you have all the relevant information. They will check your coverage and policy terms for free to see if you can make a CBUS claim. Call Now: 1300 873 252

    Cbus Evidence Requirements

    Cbus requires compelling evidence to support your case, as with successful insurance claims. Generally, you will need two independent medical assessments supporting your incapacity to work in a role for which you are reasonably qualified by training, education or experience.

    To access all your entitlements, you will likely need to provide all or some of the following:

    • Your doctor’s, medical practitioner, psychologist or psychiatrist’s treating notes
    • Your WorkCover file, if you had a workers’ compensation claim
    • An employer statement
    • Your business tax returns, BAS and payslips when self-employed
    • Australian Tax Office records
    • Medicare information
    • Centrelink files

    To have your claim accepted, you must supply all necessary supporting documentation in a format that compels Cbus and TAL to approve your case without question. Please do this to avoid claim denial or an extended negotiation period where the insurer requests more information (or clarification of existing documentation over several months.

    Three Possible Claim Outcomes

    1. Claim Payout Approved

    When Cbus approves your claim, you will get a notification with the acceptance terms, tax and payout options, and you can decide to

    • transfer the lump sum to your bank account
    • retain all or part of the payout in your Cbus personal super account
    • start a Cbus super income stream account with some, or all of the funds.

    2. Deferred Claim

    Claim deferral means your insurer needs time to assess your level of disability. This situation may arise when you are having surgery for your condition or when your treating professional says your ailment will improve with time or ongoing treatment. The insurance company will perform another claim review at the end of the deferral period.

    3. Denied or Rejected Claims

    The insurance provider will offer you a written response if your claim is rejected. You can challenge their decision, but an experienced insurance litigation lawyer will be your best chance of success.

    More about denied insurance claims >

    Contact Our Insurance and Cbus TPD Claim Lawyers

    If you cannot work because of injury, illness or psychological disorder, you will likely be concerned about how you will afford your bills and put food on the table. Get peace of mind by contacting Aussie Injury Lawyers for informed legal advice, including your legal right to make a total and permanent disability insurance claim.

    Our expert compensation lawyers know the Cbus eligibility criteria and will investigate your case for free. You will know:

    1. The Cbus insurance policies you hold
    2. Your level of cover
    3. What you can claim
    4. How much you could receive

     When AIL is on your side, you can quickly and effectively access all your entitlements.

    100% No Win No Fee – All our legal services are funded on a no-pay basis, meaning you pay when you win and nothing if you lose. It’s the Aussie Injury Lawyers’ No Win, No Fee, No Risk guarantee. It’s free to start by Calling 1300 873 252

    Common Questions for Cbus TPD Insurance Benefits

    Is insurance coverage through Cbus available for all occupations?

    The good news is that Cbus provides insurance coverage for all occupations, unlike some other Australian superannuation providers. Interestingly, the value of your insurance claim payout will vary depending on your occupation category, specifically if you work in a manual or non-manual role.

    For example, certain CBUS members have the option of income protection insurance coverage, but it is only a choice for those whose occupation is non-manual.

    When you join Cbus, your profession determines your default insurance policies, and to successfully receive total and permanent disability coverage; you must be over 25 years old and have a job with no restrictions at the time of joining.

    Is there a change in CBUS insurance coverage if work hours are reduced?

    Unlike some other super funds, Cbus offers greater flexibility with its policies. Hence, they have fewer limitations for changing job roles and reducing hours.

    Most other Australian super providers specify a minimum number of hours you must work to retain your insurance coverage or to keep all your insurance benefits.

    Cbus provides greater flexibility because many people employed in the building and construction sector work irregular hours, shift from job to job, and can go for long periods without employment.

    How long does it take for a Cbus insurance claim to be processed?

    How long it takes for a Cbus insurance claim to be processed depends on your insurance type. Generally, income protection and death cover claims are processed faster than TPD claims as they require less documentation and less medical assessment and reports.

    Depending on the complexity of your situation and its circumstances, Cbus will complete an initial claim assessment within 30 days. As with all superannuation funds, their decision relies heavily on the accuracy and comprehensiveness of your information.

    Although the initial review could happen within a month, it could take 6 to 12 months to get a TPD payout and less time for death and income protection claims.

    Can I return to work after a successful Cbus TPD payout?

    The good news is that when you receive a successful total and permanent disability (TPD) payout from CBUS, you can return to work at a future date if you can.

    When you receive a Cbus TPD lump sum payment, you acknowledge that you cannot work again in a construction industry role. So, if you work again, you generally need to be employed in a different occupation.

    For example, if you were a bricklayer and a physical injury meant you could no longer be in a manual role laying bricks, you could transition to an office job and work in the building industry sitting behind a desk.

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