Does TPD Cover Cancer? Income Protection and Life Insurance Claims

When you have a cancer diagnosis, you could make several superannuation and insurance claims and get a life insurance cancer payout, a lump sum TPD payment or income protection benefits. Learn more.
Claiming TPD insurance for cancer

Guide to Cancer TPD & Income Protection

Can I Claim TPD and Income Protection for Cancer?

You may be able to claim income protection, life insurance, and TPD insurance benefits when you cannot return to work because of cancer.

The intensive medical treatment required for those diagnosed with cancer can mean:

  • You cannot continue your daily routine
  • You can’t work and earn an income.
  • Your mental health suffers

Thankfully, most Australians have TPD cover, income protection and life insurance attached to their superannuation fund but don’t know how to claim entitlements.

Most Australians have TPD cover and income protection insurance attached to their superannuation fund but have limited knowledge of their ability to claim entitlements.

Cancer is a common medical ailment in Australia, with 1 in 7 people having a probability of mortality by age 85. Fortunately, due to improved diagnostic techniques and the impact of early therapy, you have a decreased chance of passing following a cancer diagnosis. Still, your chemotherapy, surgery and other health interventions will mean you cannot earn an income in your usual occupation. 

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What are the 5 common types of cancer in Australia?

Breast cancer is the most diagnosed cancer in Australia, followed closely by prostate cancer. On average, there are about 420 new cancer cases every day. Thankfully, the percentage of people who pass from this diagnosis continues to decline. The five frequent kinds of cancer include:

  1. Breast
  2. Prostate 
  3. Bowel (colorectal)
  4. Skin cancer (melanoma)
  5. Lung cancer

Regardless of your type of medical condition, your insurance coverage could provide you with financial benefits that allow you to fund your treatments and your life (apart from those available through private health insurance).

Is Cancer Considered a Disability in Australia?

In Australia, cancer can be considered a disability under different circumstances. Often, the physical changes and side effects triggered by cancer and associated medical treatments mean you can’t work or do your daily activities.

However, the disability definition used for Centrelink benefits differs from that of a total and permanent disability or terminal illness insurance cover.

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Can I claim income protection benefits due to cancer?

You can claim income protection insurance benefits when you can’t work because of cancer-related medical procedures. You can survive financially with income protection payments when you are temporarily away from your job because of your illness.

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Cancer Related Total and permanent disability (TPD) claims

There is no doubt that cancer is a severe condition, and the therapy you need to survive this life-threatening illness can sometimes have lasting effects on your well-being. Treatments like radiotherapy and chemotherapy can harm the nucleus of cells and produce health impacts like:

  • Continual Fatigue
  • Heart and lung issues
  • Persistent Headaches
  • Hair loss
  • Stomach and muscle pain
  • Nerve Damage
  • Constipation and Diarrhoea
  • Effects on your nervous system

When you can’t work in your usual occupation because of the long-term influence of cancer, you might have a successful TPD claim and access to your income protection payments. Both of which should be provided by your super fund.

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Cancer Insurance Claims Through Superannuation Funds

When a potentially terminal illness like cancer has altered your ability to work, you may be eligible to claim insurance benefits. Most Aussies have disability insurance policies through their superannuation account. This means that when you make a successful claim, you get a lump sum payment or monthly benefits that provide vital financial support.

Our TPD claim lawyers will help you understand how to qualify as totally and permanently disabled to have a winning outcome. A medical professional will assess your capacity (or incapacity) to work in your usual occupation or one for which you have training. For example, if you usually work as a bricklayer, the doctor must say you can no longer do the manual labour associated with your occupation. 

Aussie Injury Lawyers are a specialist insurance claim law firm, and your experienced solicitors provide free expert legal advice in cancer-related legal claims.

Can I Access My Superannuation Early if I Have Cancer?

Generally, you are blocked from accessing your superannuation account until you have reached your minimum retirement age. However, you can request early access to your superannuation account balance when you:

  1. Have a total and permanent disability
  2. Face severe financial hardship
  3. On compassionate grounds
  4. Are diagnosed with a terminal medical condition

Typically, a financial adviser will help you understand your options, while an insurance claim lawyer will help you access lump sum benefits.

What if my cancer diagnosis is terminal?

You could make a terminal illness claim when you have a terminal diagnosis, whether it is cancer-related or another type of illness. First, your doctor must diagnose a life expectancy of less than 24 months.

Life Insurance Policies

Some Australian life insurance policies have terminal illness cover. When you make a terminal illness claim for cancer, you are requesting an early payout of your life insurance policy, which is typically tax-free.

To make a successful terminal illness insurance claim, you will require a current life insurance policy and the help of two doctors, one of whom is a medical specialist. 

The process of accessing your terminal illness benefit is generally more straightforward than that of claiming a TPD insurance payout or income protection.

How do Aussie Injury Lawyers help with cancer insurance claims?

Aussie Injury Lawyers are national leaders in superannuation insurance claims. When you have had a cancer diagnosis and are struggling financially because of the life impacts of your therapies, we can help you access the funds you need to care for yourself and your loved ones.

We provide 100% No Win, No Fee funding for all our valued clients. It costs nothing for us to investigate your insurance coverage and let you know:

  •  Your eligibility to claim insurance benefits
  •  How many insurance claims you can mak
  • The approximate value of your insurance coverage and lump sum benefits.
  • Your chance of success
  • Your next steps to a successful payout

It’s free to know your circumstances; you owe us nothing until we win your claims and nothing if you lose. With Aussie Injury Lawyers, you carry no financial risk. Contact our friendly insurance claim solicitors now for immediate help.

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