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Our Sydney TPD lawyers offer expert legal advice regarding superannuation insurance and TPD claims on a 100% no win, no fee basis with 99% success rate. Daily, we help our clients access their entitlements in Sydney NSW, when an injury or illness stops them from working. With informed advice and experienced legal representation from an expert TPD lawyer, you have a strong chance of a winning outcome.

It is common for people to work most of their lives, contributing money into their Superannuation account with little or no knowledge of the insurance policies and the benefits due to them when the unexpected happens.

However, it’s not easy to access all your insurance benefits. Insurers often seek to deny or minimise claims. Don’t trust large insurance companies or struggle with their red tape and strict guidelines for TPD insurance claims. Let Aussie Injury Lawyers do the heavy lifting for you. Call now for your free case review – 1300 873 252

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TPD Lawyers Sydney Office

Our Sydney insurance litigation law firm is at Level 17, Angel Place, 123 Pitt St, Sydney. The closest car park is Wilson Parking Australia Square if travelling by car.

If travelling by train, Wynyard Train Station is a 39-metre or 1-minute walk. Many people in the Sydney CBD now choose to travel by light rail, and the Bridge Street stop is very close to our Sydney location.


Sydney Disability Claim Law Firm

Our experienced TPD lawyers in Sydney are grateful for the opportunity to assist residents with a range of no-win, no legal fee services. Rely on our many years of experience helping people negotiate with all the leading insurers to access the TPD benefit in their Superannuation fund.

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Wherever you reside in Sydney or New South Wales, we have a legal team of experienced solicitors ready to work with you and fight for your entitlements. Contact our friendly insurance claim lawyers now – Call 1300 873 252.

Successful TPD Claims - 100% No Win, No Fee

At Aussie Injury Lawyers Sydney, our 100% No Win No Fee legal funding means we’ll start work on your TPD claim with no upfront payment. You only pay our fees when we win your case, so there’s no risk to you with our no win, no fee policy. Relax knowing our compensation lawyers will support you through the claims process and relentlessly pursue your TPD insurance benefits through your superannuation fund.

Because of our extensive experience in these types of claims, we have a 99% success rate. In the rare situation where your claim is unsuccessful, knowing you will have no legal bill is reassuring.

Our legal fees are based on the hours of work required to deliver the results you seek; however, our fees are capped. You will know the maximum amount you would be charged and the possible settlement amount before we start work on your behalf.

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Can I Make a Sydney TPD Claim?

Many Sydney and NSW workers have contributed money into their superannuation account (or their employer has, on their behalf). They have no idea of the insurance contained within their superannuation policy until the unexpected happens, and they can no longer work. You may have a physical injury or illness or a mental health condition that stops you from being employed in your usual occupation. The requirements list is extensive and can usually be found in the T&Cs of your insurance policy.

Does this sound like your situation? Share your story with us now; we can let you know your opportunity to make a successful disability claim. Call for a free case review. Your TPD assessment is free. You can discover how the claims process works here.

Why choose AIL for my permanent disability claim?

When you choose Aussie Injury Lawyers to manage your disability insurance claim, you are working with a team of specialist TPD lawyers focused on one area of law – insurance litigation. Unlike other injury compensation law firms that practice in many different legal areas, we are hyper-focused on just one. Because of this, our solicitors have substantial expertise when negotiating with large insurance companies and super funds.

Rely on our more than 100 years of combined legal experience with insurance claims matters, backed up by a 99% claim success track record. You can relax knowing that you will have a high chance of receiving all your lump sum benefits when we take on your case.

Psychological Illness Insurance Claims

Total and permanent disability claims are not just for physical injury. You can also have a successful mental health super TPD claim or seek income protection insurance benefits for any medical illness that prevents you from doing your regular job. So, if you are living with:

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

√ Anxiety and depression

√ Obsessive-compulsive disorder

√ Bipolar disorder

√ Schizophrenia

or any other recognised mental illness, you could make a TPD compensation claim or access your income protection benefits.

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More About Claims Against an Insurance Company

When you are diagnosed with a critical medical condition that hinders your capacity to work in your regular occupation, you could have a successful disability insurance or income protection claim through your superannuation provider. Australians often don’t know they’re entitled to TTD payments or a TPD payout if they’ve been injured and can’t work. Any severe medical condition might qualify as a disability, but some common ailments include the following:

Common physical injuries that also frequently qualify as TPD include:

  • Spine and back damage
  • Knee and leg injury
  • Head, brain, neck, and shoulder injuries
  • Amputation
  • Severe burns
  • Reduced hearing or vision
  • Organ failure or removal
  • Any type of paralysis

Be certain of your legal entitlements by speaking with our expert Sydney TPD lawyers now for your comprehensive free case review.

Trusted TPD Lawyers Sydney

Aussie Injury Lawyers Sydney has the experience and expertise you need for a successful TPD claim. Our legal specialists are local, so we can easily handle cases for our clients in TPD or Superannuation Insurance claims! Every day, we assist the people of New South Wales and Sydney to gain access to their rightful disability insurance entitlements. We have seen it all and have the expertise to ensure your case succeeds. Contact us now for expert legal advice.

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Sydney TPD Insurance Claim FAQs

You don’t need a lawyer or solicitor to lodge a Total and Permanent Disability insurance claim. However, your chance of accessing all your benefits is higher when an experienced insurance claim lawyer supports you through the process. Insurance companies want to minimise or deny your claim so they don’t pay too much for your injuries. They enjoy bargaining with claimants who don’t hire lawyers. Without legal representation, they will likely offer you a smaller lump sum TPD payment. A skilled disability insurance solicitor will help you get every dollar you deserve from your insurer.

If you’re trying to get a life-changing Super TPD claim from an insurance company, you must put everything into it. Most Aussies only get a single shot at making a successful claim. Our legal team have been dealing with insurers for many decades. Because of this, Australian Injury Lawyers have a 99 percent chance of winning their clients’ claims for compensation. Make sure you get all your TPD entitle­ments by contacting us today. It’s free to know what you can claim and your chance of success.

A range of mental health conditions qualifies as a disability to claim TPD benefits. Any psychological disorder that prevents you from working in your regular job can qualify as a Total and Permanent Disability. The source of your illness is irrelevant. Read more about Mental illness TPD claims here.

First, contact our experienced disability insurance lawyers for your free case evaluation. One of our friendly team will seek to know your situation and explore your options. When we know you have a claim, we find all your Superannuation insurance agreements and assess your coverage. This process costs you nothing and will show you the number of claims you can make, the value of those claims and the likelihood they will succeed. When you are happy to proceed, you sign a no win, no fee legal agreement, which triggers the work on your case. We create a compelling case and lodge this with your insurance company, challenging their decision if they try to deny your settlement. You will get a TPD payout (or several payouts) following legal negotiations. Our lawyers and solicitors will be happy to explain this process when you contact us.

Time limits apply to insurance claims. If you think you have a case, contact us immediately. Early action can sometimes yield a better legal outcome. Our experienced TPD lawyers can assist you wherever you live in Australia, giving you access to substantial legal knowledge when claiming your insurance benefits from Murwillumbah to Bega and west to Broken Hill.

Aussie workers who have multiple Superannuation Funds can sometimes make multiple TPD claims. It isn’t straightforward to understand if you can have more than one claim. There are several considerations, including your medical history and the T&Cs of your insurance policies. Our friendly lawyers will research your options for free. Contact us now to get started.

When you contact Aussie Injury Lawyers for your free case review, our compensation lawyers will explain the claim process and our legal costs, including managing your matter on a 100% no win, no fee basis. We will have already:

  • Investigated your active policies and level of insurance cover
  • Explored your TPD policy terms and your insurers’ disability definition
  • Given you a competitive fixed price to manage your case 

We follow the insurance claims process once you sign your legal cost agreement. Hence, based on our previous analysis, we will:

  1. Prepare an effective legal strategy, creating a compelling case for a successful payout.
  2. Access your previous medical records, which will form part of your case.
  3. You attend at least one current medical assessment addressing your insurers’ disability description.
  4. We lodge your insurance claim.
  5. Your insurer will approve, reject or request more information, and we will act appropriately.
  6. You receive one lump sum payout or series of payments.

A lump sum payment is deposited in your superannuation account when you have a successful TPD claim. You will likely pay no tax on these funds if you leave them untouched until you retire and can access your superannuation funds tax-free. Tax will be payable if you take money out of your super account before this date, but usually at a lower rate. 

Read more about Tax on TPD payouts here >

New South Wales Wide Superannuation Claims

Wherever you are in NSW, you can access experienced legal advice from our personal injury lawyers and insurance claim experts. They will explain the claims process and give you your best chance of a successful lump sum payout.

From Byron Bay and the Northern Rivers to NSW South Coast, Greater Sydney Region, Coffs Harbour, Dubbo, Bourke, Bathurst, Newcastle, Wollongong, Wagga Wagga, Cobar, Armidale, Tamworth Penrith and the Blue Mountains and all surrounding areas.

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Hardworking and straight-talking, our experienced superannuation and insurance legal team is dedicated to delivering results for you. We understand how challenging life can be when things go wrong, and we are here to help you return to normal. The expert team at Aussie Injury Lawyers is led by Kerry Splatt, an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury law. His expertise, together with over 100 years of combined legal experience, is your guarantee of success. Reach out. Let us show you how we can assist you and your loved ones when the unexpected happens.

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