TPD Claim Legal Process

If you believe you are eligible to make one or more TPD insurance claims, you are probably wondering how it all works. The claims process can be complex, and insurance companies are resistant to paying out some or all your entitlements. Our legal team have considerable expertise in dealing with this these types of claims, and they understand the tactics and barriers employed by insurers. Our 99% claims success rate is evidence of their legal skills. Find out how we might help you access all the benefits of your TPD insurance policy.

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Find out now. AIL has a 99% success rate for TPD Claims. Our expertise is your guarantee of success.

How we Make Superannuation & Insurance Claims Simple

Aussie Injury Lawyers have more than 100 years of combined experience with Superannuation and TPD insurance claims. We have settled many cases for our clients and are well versed in making your journey as simple and stress-free as we can. We thrive on making the complex simple. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can focus on your recovery.

The Claim Process

Below is a summary of how your claim might progress  


Get a Free Case Evaluation

Please have a chat with our expert Superannuation & Insurance Claim team. We will let you know where you stand and the best legal options for your TPD Insurance claim. Ask about our Capped Legal Fees and 100% No Win No Fee legal funding.


Research & Gather Claims Evidence

Typically, insurance corporations require detailed and accurate information. Aussie Injury Lawyers' team of legal experts take the time to gather all the relevant details to give your claim the best chance of success. To get your claim underway, we need to collect some information from you, but this is simple and will speed up your claim.


Your Superannuation Policy Documents

Once we have your initial claim information, we will investigate the relevant benefits you have available in Superannuation insurance policies. If you have more than one Super account, you may be illegible to make multiple TPD claims.


Assess your Insurance Policies

Each insurance policy is different, so we need to review it thoroughly. At this point, we will examine your insurance documents and let you know what you’re entitled to claim, what criteria you must meet, and an estimate of the value of your claim.


Complete your preliminary claim

We will compile a comprehensive submission supporting your claim and lodge it with your fund(s) and any supporting documentation. Your claim submission can include your employment history, training & education, and medical/treatment reports.


We Lodge Your Claim

Once we have determined you have a valid TPD Insurance claim and benefits that can be accessed, we will work with you to complete your paperwork and lodge your application. Your fund may ask for an independent medical assessment. Once they have your claim, we can generally provide you with an estimate of how long it might take to resolve.


No Win No Fee Settlement

In most cases, once an agreement has been reached, your claim is completed, and you will receive your benefit. If your TPD claim is not recognised, in most cases, we will take action to challenge their decision. Take comfort in knowing that Aussie Injury Lawyers have a 99% success rate in these claims.

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If you cannot work for a period due to an injury or illness, including mental health conditions, Aussie Injury Lawyers may help you make one or more insurance claims. Call Now on 1300 873 252 or Start Your Claim Online.

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