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TPD Payout Calculator

Use our fast and straightforward TPD Payout Calculator now to know the value of your lump sum payment. Understanding how much your TPD claim is worth is a vital first step in deciding to pursue your entitlements. Try our online tool now for a quick estimate, or request a fast claim review by phone at 1300 873 252.

(Disclaimer – Online claim estimates are approximate. For an accurate free evaluation, please email us your details or book a free appointment)

Fast TPD Calculator

Our fast and easy TPD Calculator is here to help you understand the value of your lump sum payment. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can enter your information and receive a payout estimate quickly. This TPD payout calculator is ideal for those considering making a claim or wanting to know how much they may be entitled to when they have a successful TPD claim.

Eligibility for Lump Sum Payment

Alternatively, to learn about your eligibility for a lump sum payout and the TPD claim process, please contact our TPD Experts for your complimentary case review. Our team of insurance claim lawyers will:

  1. Evaluate your claim.
  2. Advise your chance of success.
  3. Provide your estimated lump sum benefit value.

To receive your TPD payout calculation, please call 1300 873 252, or use our online calculation tool now.

Calculating a lump sum payment

How Much are Average TPD payouts in Australia?

How much you get for a TPD claims payout in Australia varies depending on your circumstances and whether you are eligible for one or multiple claims. Obtaining information on the average benefit payout for TPD claims can be challenging due to its confidentiality. However, we know that in Australia, there are more than 150,000 successful total and permanent disability claims, with the disability insurance payout deposited into the claimant’s superannuation account. (Where you can withdraw the funds)

The average TPD payout in Australia is around $150,000. The claim amount can vary significantly, ranging from $60,000 to $2,000,000, based on the disability insurance coverage and policy terms. Some fortunate people who contributed to multiple superannuation funds during their working lives may be eligible for multiple TPD claims.

99% Successful TPD Claim Rate

When selecting Aussie Injury Lawyers to manage your TPD insurance claim, you can be assured that you are choosing an Australian law firm experienced in superannuation and insurance law, with a strong track record for successful TPD payouts.

Our legal team knows how to make a successful TPD claim backed up by our 99% success rate. When AIL accepts your case on a 100% no-win, no-fee basis, you have a strong chance of getting your desired outcome.

Aussie Injury Lawyers provide all Australians with TPD Claim Payout legal services with 100% No Win, No Fee, No Risk legal financing. Signing our easy-to-understand legal cost agreement means you:

  • Pay nothing to get started.
  • Owe nothing during the life of your claim.
  • Pay legal costs and fees when you win.
  • Pay zero if your case is unsuccessful.

Not all no win, no fee insurance claim law firms are the same. Some ask you to agree to a disbursement loan with a high-interest rate. Aussie Injury Lawyers is different. Our No Risk policy states that we cover disbursement costs, even in the case of a loss, to ensure no financial risk for our clients.

Feel confident with the knowledge:

We cap our legal fees.

√ We don’t charge success or uplift fees.

√ Our legal costs are calculated based on the work hours we need to win your claim (not a percentage of your lump sum payout)

More about our pricing >

We understand it will be challenging to maintain your finances when you can’t work because of an illness, injury, accident or psychological disorder.

Rely on Aussie Injury Lawyer’s expertise and streamlined claim processes to fast-track your Superannuation TPD Claim approval. We aim to get you back to your everyday life quickly. Please find out how we do it by calling 1300 873 252.

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How Much Tax on a TPD Payment?

Once you have an approved permanent disability tpd claim and know the value of your TPD payout, you will need to consider the tax calculations used by the Australian Tax Office. Doing this will help you maximise your TPD benefits.

You will be pleased to learn that TPD insurance claims paid through Super are generally not considered taxable income when the funds remain in your super fund account until you reach preservation age. However, if you withdraw funds before retiring, you will pay tax.

Eligible Service Date and Tax Payable

The good news is that you could be eligible for a tax-free component (known as tax free uplift) when withdrawing TPD funds from an active superannuation policy before retiring. This calculation considers three components

  1. Date of birth
  2. The date you joined your superannuation fund (eligible service date)
  3. The date you stopped working because of your total and permanent disability.

NOTE: In Australia, superannuation funds sometimes miscalculate tax obligations. If you are considering withdrawing from your permanent disability TPD payout, please seek advice from a qualified tax agent or accountant.

TPD Claim Process

TPD claims process infographic

Expert Superannuation Insurance TPD Claim Lawyers

Aussie Injury Lawyers are well-known for their expertise in Superannuation Insurance TPD claims in Australia. We have successfully settled thousands of matters just like yours. As an AIL client, you will receive regular updates and continuous legal support as we strive to achieve your desired outcome.

Our 99% success rate, combined with many years of legal experience, is your guarantee of receiving your deserved payout. Join the many everyday Aussies who choose AIL to claim all their TPD insurance benefits successfully. Call Now – 1300 873 252.

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