Superannuation Insurance Claim Legal Fees

At Aussie Injury Lawyers, we strive to give you the best possible legal outcome without the hassle and stress that might come with claiming a large insurance company. We aim to get you the best payout without a substantial legal bill.

All our insurance claim legal services are funded 100% No Win, No Fee, and we offer upfront fixed fees. You will have certainty about the cost of your claim with no hidden costs or charges.

Do you have a TPD Claim?

Find out now. AIL has a 99% success rate for TPD Claims. Our expertise is your guarantee of success.

100% No Win No Fee

At Aussie Injury Lawyers, No Win No Fee means precisely that. You only pay legal fees when your claim is successful. At this time, we will recover our fees and any costs associated with running your file (including medical reports and assessments). You owe us nothing if you lose.

If you cannot work, you will unlikely have the funds to support a claim against your insurance company. Our No Win No Fee policy means that all Australians can access their insurance benefits and get on with their life. It’s free to start, so contact us for your complimentary insurance claim review.  Call 1300 873 252

Why choose Aussie Injury Lawyers

Our Fees

Capped Legal Fees

Unlike other injury law firms, we do not charge a percentage of your payout. Our legal fees are based on the amount of work required to investigate and prepare a compelling case for your insurance company and the time taken to negotiate a successful outcome for you. The amount of work needed most often depends on the complexity or simplicity of your claim and how much your insurer disputes your claim. We understand you probably have not had an insurance claim previously, and you want to be sure of your legal costs.

To give you certainty, Aussie Injury Lawyers is pleased to offer you Capped Pricing. In our upfront legal agreement, you will know how much you will pay when your claim is successful. You can relax knowing your fees won’t exceed a set amount. We will be hard at work winning your case while you focus on managing your medical condition/injury.

NOTE – Unlike other law firms, we do not charge any additional fee (sometimes known as an uplift fee”) when we win your case.

No Upfront or Ongoing Expenses

During the life of your claim, there are typically expenses to prepare your case for submission. These may include medical reports and other types of assessments. Some law firms may ask you to pay these costs as the file progresses. They also ask you to use disbursement funding, which is a loan with a high-interest rate. At Aussie Injury Lawyers, we know you may be struggling financially, and we endeavour to support you during this challenging period. So, we will not ask you to fund any legal costs until your claim succeeds.

Get a Quote Now

If you are considering making a Superannuation or Insurance claim and would like to know the fees that might apply in your circumstance, contact our legal team now for a Free Case Evaluation. We will let you know your chances of success, the likely financial outcome and the fees that apply. It costs nothing, to be sure.

Independent Legal Cost Assessment

At Aussie Injury Lawyers, we believe in a "fair go" for all Australians who wish to hire expert Lawyers to get them the best possible legal outcome. If you have not previously retained the services of a law firm to work on your behalf, you could be unaware of how legal costs are assessed. So, it is good to know that when you choose Aussie Injury Lawyers to manage your Superannuation, Insurance or TPD Claims, all our legal fees are evaluated by an external legal costing firm.

What happens when my Insurance Claim is Successful?

In most cases, when you have a successful claim, your insurer will deposit a large sum into your Superannuation account (minus our legal fees and disbursement costs). You can then withdraw all or part of these funds from your Super account. Doing this could have a tax implication based on your unique circumstances. To minimise your tax, it may be a good idea to seek financial advice.

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