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Looking for Perth lawyers who can assist with a superannuation TPD insurance claim? Aussie Injury Lawyers has a team of experienced Perth TPD lawyers with considerable expertise in various insurance litigation matters.

We regularly assist Perth & Western Australian residents in accessing the superannuation benefits contained in their TPD policy on a 100% No Win, No Fee basis, with a 99% success rate. It’s FREE to know if you can make a claim Call Now 1300 873 252

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Find out now. AIL has a 99% success rate for TPD Claims. Our expertise is your guarantee of success.

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Perth TPD Insurance Claim Lawyers

Do you now or have ever contributed to a superannuation fund during your working life? Either way, there’s a very good chance your super account comes complete with insurance cover, including a TPD policy that funds a lump sum payment when you can’t work in your usual occupation.

The good news is that our experienced TPD lawyers specialise in permanent disability insurance claims, particularly through a superannuation policy. If you have a physical injury or mental health illness that stops you from working, we can help you claim funds from your TPD insurance coverage.

The good news is, unlike a workers’ compensation claim, your physical or mental disorder does not need to be linked to your job. How you acquired your condition is not essential.

Perth Superannuation Insurance Claims

Our lawyers in Perth help you claim your insurance benefits for a range of reasons relating to an injury or illness. Daily, we assist Aussies to successfully gain access to their TPD compensation as well as other types of insurance claims, such as:

Hand receiving money after a successful TPD insurance claim

Accessing a TPD benefit for a permanent disability requires evidence to satisfy your TPD definition. Ask our expert superannuation lawyers in Perth for free advice now.

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Mental illness claim icon

You can also make a total and permanent disability TPD claim when a mental illness stops you from working again. First, you must be diagnosed as permanently disabled by a recognised psychological disorder. Our legal team will help you collate all the relevant information for a winning outcome.

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When a trauma policyholder is diagnosed with a specific medical condition (specified in their policy terms), such as stroke, cancer, or heart attack, they are eligible to receive critical illness benefits regardless of their life expectancy.

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Our skilled superannuation lawyers offer various legal services when claiming insurance benefits through superannuation funds. Ask our Perth lawyers for more information.

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Income protection insurance icon

If you cannot work due to a temporary medical condition, you may be eligible to claim against your income protection cover. Successfully accessing your insurance benefits in this situation generally relies on expert legal advice.

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Life insurance cover icon

When an insured person passes away, their beneficiaries may be entitled to claim death benefits under a life insurance policy. These funds assist dependents in paying for things like funerals and medical expenses.

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Terminal illness icon

If you are diagnosed with a terminal illness and have a limited time to live, you could qualify for critical illness benefits. When approved, the policyholder gets a lump sum payment that enables them to make ends meet during a particularly difficult time.

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We know the stress and financial burden of a rejected claim, but don’t panic. AIL has your back. Our legal team has the knowledge and expertise to reverse the insurer’s initial decision, including dealing with the Australian Financial Complaints Authority when required.

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Why Choose AIL for My Total and Permanent Disability TPD Claim?

When you choose Aussie Injury Lawyers for your TPD insurance claim, you can take comfort in knowing our team has over 100 years of combined legal expertise. We know how to get you the desired results with minimal fuss. Furthermore, our friendly and professional legal team represent the interests of Western Australian residents wherever they live in our great state.

What is 100% No Win, No Fee? – If we don’t win, you pay nothing. That’s the Aussie Injury Lawyers no-risk guarantee. It’s common for people to think that all no win, no fee lawyers are the same, but that’s not true. While some cover your legal fees if you lose, they will ask you to pay for the medical reports and assessments required to win your claim, or worse; they will ask you to agree to an expensive disbursement loan. But not AIL.

When we accept your legal matter on a 100% no win, no fee basis, you can rest easy knowing we cover all your expenses, so if you lose, you owe nothing. But since AIL has a 99% success rate, we succeed where others fail.

More about our fees >

Aussie Injury Lawyers’ 99% TPD claims success rate speaks for itself – we rarely lose a case. As your local personal injury claim specialists in Perth, you can trust us to provide the same knowledge and expertise for your claim. To find out if you qualify for TPD funding, complete our quick and easy questionnaire right here.  It’s free and could be your first step towards a significant and much-needed lump sum TPD payout >

Aussie Injury Lawyers aim to make the TPD claim process as stress-free as possible, so there are no upfront costs to start your case. Plus, we charge an hourly rate for the work we do on your legal file, not a percentage of your lump sum payout. Furthermore, before we start working on winning your case, we provide an upfront capped or fixed price, which means there are no nasty surprises, just good ones 🙂

Can I Make a Perth TPD Claim in WA?

If you are like most Perth residents, you have worked for years, and your employer has deposited funds into a super fund, but you may not have taken the time to investigate all your entitlements. Thankfully, it’s free for an AIL superannuation lawyer to investigate your options and advise if you can make a TPD claim.

Some fortunate people have multiple superannuation funds, which means they have more than one insurance policy. In this case, they would be eligible for multiple lump-sum payments for the same injury or illness. Find out if you can access your super fund entitlements by calling AIL now on 1300 873 252

Total and Permanent Disability Claims FAQs

Total and permanent disability insurance provides cover for when you can’t work in your usual occupation because you have suffered an injury, illness, or mental health condition. When approved, the insurance company provides the claimant with TPD benefits, that help cover living expenses during a difficult time.

With Aussie Injury Lawyers Perth, it’s easy to know if you are eligible to make a compensation claim. For free, we will investigate your insurance policies and advise:

  • If you can have a valid case
  • How much you can expect
  • Your chance of success
  • Our capped or fixed fee for a winning outcome

Start now by calling 1300 873 252 or use our free online case check >

Generally, the value of your payout depends on your type of insurance cover and the insured value, which can be found in your policy terms or statement. To be certain of your entitlements, please get in touch with our superannuation lawyers, who will investigate your entitlements and advise on your policy value for free. Call Now – 1300 873 252

Yes, you could return to work following a payout depending on the terms of your TPD cover. In fact, based on your situation, you could have several options. We recommend you seek legal advice before making any decision regarding returning to work.

More about working after a TPD settlement >

The time taken to settle a superannuation claim varies based on the type of case and the complexity of the matter. Furthermore, some insurers will seek to delay or challenge the claim process to reduce their liability. As a general guide, you could expect a resolution within three months to a year. Thankfully, Aussie Injury Lawyers has an escalation process to deliver faster results.

Aussie Injury Lawyers Perth funds all our superannuation legal services on a 100% no win, no fee basis, which means you pay when you win and zero if you lose. Additionally, our legal billing is based on the number of hours required to deliver a positive outcome, and these fees are capped. Get a free estimate now >

More about what lawyers charge for TPD claims >

Successful TPD claims rely on compelling medical evidence that proves you meet your total and permanent disability definition. In other words, you must show you cannot work in an occupation for which you are suited for training and experience, according to your policy terms and conditions.

WA Wide Superannuation Claims

Residents from Perth and across Western Australia regularly choose Aussie Injury Lawyers for their TPD and Superannuation insurance claims. From the Kimberley to Margaret River and everywhere in between including Pilbara, Gascoyne, the Wheatbelt, the Mid West region, The Goldfields-Esperance region, Peel, and the Southwest.

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