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What is an Income Protection (TTD) Claim?

Income protection claims can also be called TTD Claims – Total and Temporary Disability Claims. If you have a temporary injury or illness that prevents you from working, you can claim income protection benefits.

Generally, your medical condition does not need to be related to your usual occupation. It can include mental health conditions, cancer, heart attacks, back injuries, major organ transplants, significant burns, chronic fatigue, and injuries acquired outside work, such as on the road, in a public place and in numerous other circumstances.

If you cannot work, you are likely experiencing financial distress. At this time, you need expert income protection lawyers who can get you all your entitlements.

About Total Disability Claims

You should also note that if your medical condition prevents you from forever returning to work, you could make a TPD Claims (Total and Permanent Disability) for a lump sum payment. There may be a possibility to make multiple claims dependent on the policies you have through your super fund.

Our legal team can advise you on your best claim opportunities when contacting us for a free case assessment.

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Income Protection & TTD Insurance Claims

You could have income protection insurance policies in several places:

When Does Income Protection Pay Out?

To have an accepted income protection claim, you qualify as having either a:

Total Disability

When an injury or illness stops you from performing one or more essential duties of your usual occupation (duties that makeup at least 20% of your job), your insurance company will declare you have a total disability.

Partial Disability

When your illness or injury stops you from performing one or more essential duties of your own job role (to the same degree as previously), your insurer will consider you to have a partial disability.

Note – In both cases, you must receive regular medical treatment and guidance from a doctor or GP to meet the definition.

Generally, income protection policies have a waiting period of either 30 days, 60 days or 90 days. The waiting period is the time before you become eligible to start receiving payments and begins from the date your medical professional confirms the condition stops you working.

Steps to Making a Successful Income Protection Claim

Your best chance of successfully making an income protection insurance claim relies on understanding the claims process so you have compelling evidence to support your case. Below are the four steps to winning yours.

Typically, insurance companies will seek to minimise or deny your monthly benefit payments, so seek expert legal advice.

Collate all relevant information like medical certificates, doctor reports, superannuation fund details and/or employer-provided policies, bank statements, and any other supporting income protection policy documents.

Success relies on lodging an accurate claim form with all required information like salary continuance reports, medical reports, tax returns, employer statements, your pay history, driver’s licence, proof of age, passport and birth certificate.

A successful income protection insurance claim is paid when your waiting period expires as long as you have satisfied your policy terms.

What Happens When Income Protection is Approved?

When the insurer accepts your claim, you will get regular monthly payments, usually up to 75% of your pre-disability income. Typically, the payment is one month in arrears from your waiting period expiry date. Additionally, you will have a monthly case review to confirm your ongoing eligibility.

What If I Have a Rejected or Denied Claim?

If you have a rejected claim, you still have options. You can contact an insurance litigation law firm like Aussie Injury Lawyers, who will work to reverse the rejection. Additionally, you can you can contact either the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal (SCT) or the Australian Financial Complaints Authority

Time Limits for Income Protection Claims

Typically, time limits apply to lodging Income Protection Claims. So it would be wise to seek legal advice as soon as possible. Most income protection policies have a 6-month claim submission deadline from the injury commencement date.

With Aussie Injury Lawyers, there is no charge to understand your legal options. Your best chance of accessing your monthly benefit payments is to act immediately.

Income Protection Claim Process

Every year, Aussies abandon the process of making an income protection claim because dealing with large life insurance insurance companies can be intimidating and confusing. However, when you overcome the barriers to success, the potential regular payments are worth the effort.

To be certain of receiving your full entitlements, your best choice is to contact our superannuation lawyers for expert guidance to a winning outcome.

What You Receive in Income Protection Benefits

Typically, income protection benefits are approximately 75% of your regular salary for your illness or injury. Also, there is often a waiting period before you receive your income protection payments. 

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Income Protection Claim FAQs

An income protection insurance (IPI) policy provides temporary income, replacing lost wages when you can’t work because of an illness or psychological or physical injury. Thankfully, this type of insurance cover helps safeguard an injured person’s financial position for a period of time, so they can continue living their regular life until they can return to work.

The primary difference between a TPD Claim and a TTD Claim is that the former provides cover when you can’t work in your regular occupation for the rest of your working life. In contrast, a TTD Claim offers financial protection when you are temporarily unable to work for a period and may return to your occupation in the future. In both cases, you must have a physical or mental illness or injury impacting your ability to work.

If you work some hours (but not full time), you may receive a partial benefit or salary “top-up.”

There is no simple answer to this question. Whether income protection continues to be paid after your retirement depends on several factors, including the T&Cs of your policy. We recommend you seek professional advice.

If you have had your employment terminated or made redundant, you will no longer be covered by Income Protection Insurance. However, if you can’t work due to an illness or injury, you may be able to make some other type of legal claim. Contact our legal team to find out where you stand – it’s Free.

Because income protection is meant to replace your regular income, it is taxed as per your typical salary. Sometimes, your insurer will withhold the taxable component and pass it onto the ATO on your behalf.

The length of your claim may vary between three months and two weeks, depending on the waiting period contained within your Income Protection Policy. It also depends on whether your insurer requires more information to process your claim.

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