TPD Claim Back Injury: No Win, No Fee Spinal Injury Claims

Can't work due to a back injury or spinal damage? You could claim TPD claim compensation through a super fund. Learn about spinal injury disability claims.
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Guide to Back Injury TPD Claims

Claiming TPD compensation for a spine or back injury

When you can’t work in your regular occupation because of a back or spinal injury, you could make a total and permanent disability claim and receive a lump sum payout. Surprisingly, many Aussies are unaware they have disability insurance coverage from their superannuation fund.

Spine and back injuries can be debilitating. Chronic pain and discomfort will disrupt your daily life for an extended period, impacting you and your loved ones. You will likely spend extended periods resting with strong pain relief drugs, whether you have a disc injury or have damaged your neck, head or spine.

Thankfully, a lump sum payment from a successful TPD claim, (combined with the disability support pension you could claim from social services) can support you through recovery.

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What is considered a spinal cord or back injury?

A back injury accident can cause trauma to the spinal tissues, bones, and muscles, or damage can happen due to long-term wear. By far, the most frequent type of harm is a muscle sprain or strain. This damage can occur in one sudden event or progressively worsen over time.

Any harm to the spinal core or the nerves at the base of your spine will frequently result in long-lasting changes in feeling and strength, as well as changes in body functions in your lower body.
It will feel like every part of your life has been impacted if you have had a back or spine injury. You will likely also suffer from a psychological or psychiatric condition.

You might have a legitimate TPD compensation claim when a back injury or spinal damage has compromised your ability to function in your regular occupation. Our experienced personal injury lawyers can help 100% No Win, No Fee.

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Is a back injury a disability in Australia?

If you have a back injury, musculoskeletal, or spinal disorder, you could be defined as living with a disability. The Australian social security guide, guidelines to table 4 on spinal function state you must have a functional impairment when performing activities like turning or bending your neck, truck or back.

On the other hand, to meet the Social Security definition of disability, you must receive a diagnosis from a general practitioner, rehabilitation physician, rheumatologist, orthopaedic surgeon, or other pertinent medical specialist.

Thankfully, qualifying as having a Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) to claim your insurance benefits is simpler. Your insurance policy terms will specify your disability definition, but (in general) you need medical evidence showing you cannot perform your regular job because of your injury or illness. Unlike other injury claims, how you acquired your physical or mental disorder is irrelevant. For example, you could still have a claim if you harmed your back at the gym and can’t work anymore.

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What is a spine or back injury TPD claim worth?

Successful TPD payouts can be substantial, ranging between $50k and $500k. Many Australians with back problems have contributed to more than one superannuation account. In this situation, you could claim multiple lump sum payments, giving you the capacity to retire early. Our skilled TPD claim lawyers will advise on your entitlements at no cost.

Am i eligible for a back injury TPD payout?

If you’re injured or something happens that makes you unable to work and earn an income; then you may be entitled to a TPD payment. Where or how you were injured or ill does not matter. The critical requirement is that your medical condition prevents you from working in your regular job or one for which you are trained.

For example, if you are a bricklayer or carpenter and have damaged your back, you may be unable to bend and lift objects, so you can no longer work on a job site. You may have a successful TPD claim when your condition is assessed as permanent. With medical treatment, you could return to work in a different role where you don’t need to bend and lift, like employment in an office.

If your condition is temporary, you could claim income protection insurance benefits (TTD claim). At Aussie Injury Lawyers, it’s free to know your legal options.

What evidence do i need?

To successfully claim disability insurance benefits for back problems, you must meet the TPD definition in your TPD insurance policy. This step requires a doctor to assess the severity of your health condition and how it prevents you from working.

Our insurance claim lawyers will explain how this works when you contact us for your free case review.

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What are the common causes of back or spinal Cord Injury?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimates that up to 90% of people will have lower back pain at some point. The causes of spinal injury are similar. Damage to back muscles can result from:

  • Lifting heavy loads
  • Muscle overuse
  • A sudden strong movement
  • A direct blow to the body (trauma)

Herniated disc injuries can be age-related, with your spine degenerating as you mature. Frequent reasons for disc damage include:

Fractures of the spine are severe and have long-term consequences. Vertebral breaks can occur when:

  • There is a solid direct blow to the spine
  • Extreme axial loading
  • Hyperflexion or extension

What are the common types of spine or back injuries?

It is common for Aussies to injure their back, particularly the lower back region. You can experience discomfort and pain with any damage to the joints, nerves, muscles, or connective tissue. Some frequent types of harm include:

  • Back sprains and strains
  • Whiplash
  • Bulging and herniated discs and other disorders
  • Fractured vertebra
  • Compressed and pinched nerves
  • Spinal curvature
  • Sciatic nerve pain
  • Tumours
  • General back pain
  • Inflammation of the spine
  • Bone or joint degeneration due to Osteoporosis or Osteoarthritis

If you have experienced a back-related injury or illness permanently impacting your capacity to work, you could claim TPD insurance benefits. If you need to take time off work temporarily, you might have a TTD claim for income protection benefits.

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Make a Successful TPD Claim Back Inuury

Like compensation claims, TPD claims for back injuries are not always straightforward. So, it’s reassuring to know that the skilled TPD lawyers at Aussie Injury Lawyers have assisted thousands of everyday people in accessing their due insurance entitlements with a 99% success rate.

Get a Lump Sum Payment

Your TPD lump sum payout can give you the financial resources to support yourself and your loved ones through a difficult time. Be sure of your legal rights by starting your free claim review now.

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