How long do TPD claims take?

How long does it take for a TPD claim

How long does it take to claim my Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) insurance benefits?

If you can’t work in your usual job because of an illness, physical injury or mental disorder, you will want to claim your TPD entitlements through your super fund. Being unable to earn an income will increase your anxiety and stress when seeking a positive outcome for your case.

As one of Australia’s leading insurance claim law firms. Daily we help injured workers access their due entitlements. The most frequent question we hear from our clients is:

What is my TPD claim worth? >

The second common query is: How long does it take for a TPD Claim? >

The simple answer is that the complexity or simplicity of your case will determine the length of time for an insurance payout. This article will explore the elements that impact the time taken to process a TPD claim and some steps you can take to ensure a speedy resolution.

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What is the waiting period before I claim my TPD?

Before claiming your TPD benefits, you must have stopped working. There is a waiting period between your cease employment date and your claim lodgement date. The terms and conditions of your disability insurance policy will determine your waiting period. For most people, this is a 3 to 6-month delay before you can start the claim process.

If you can’t work due to an illness, injury or mental health problem and would like to understand your opportunity to make a compensation claim, please get in touch with our lawyers or solicitors for expert legal advice. Once you have stopped working, they will do a comprehensive claim investigation for free. You will know:

1) Your waiting period.

2) If you have one or more claims.

3) The expected value of your case.

4) Your chance of having a winning claim.

5) The likely time to get your TPD lump sum payout

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How long will it take to claim my TPD benefits?

In most cases, your insurance provider will payout TPD benefits within a 6 to 12-month period. Once your insurance company has received your case, there is typically a six-month assessment period. You may need to attend a medical review with the insurer’s disability assessor during this time.

When your Total and Permanent Disability insurer has reached a decision, your superannuation fund trustee must also assess your claim. It usually takes two months for this review process.

Our legal team helps 100’s of Aussies access their TPD entitlements every year. We regularly deal with all major Australian insurance companies and understand their expectations. Our compensation claim lawyers will investigate your TPD policies for free and let you know a reasonable time frame for your case when you contact us for your free legal case review.

TPD claim process infographic
TPD Claim Process Timeline

What is the TPD Claim Lodgement Process?

These are the steps for making a claim for TPD

1) Locate all your Super TPD insurance policies.

2) Was your TPD cover current at the time you were injured?

3) Understand your policy requirements.

4) Lodge a comprehensive and compelling TPD claim form with all the substantiating evidence.

5) Attach a written proposal explaining why they should approve your case.

6) Contact the insurer to confirm they have everything they need to decide an outcome.

7) If your claim is rejected, follow the review process.

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What will Delay my tPD claim?

Like any legal matter, the complexity or simplicity of your case will impact the time frame to achieve an outcome. Physical disability claims are more simple to prove than those for psychological disorders. Mental illness claims are more complex as the damage is not visible.

Having a successful claim relies on expert evidence. The insurers’ decision is straightforward when you have compelling professional assessments and reports substantiating your condition.

A skilled TPD insurance lawyer knows the type of proof insurers are seeking. The evidence that will make them approve your case on time. Contact our legal team for your free insurance claim review to access all your TPD entitlements faster. Call Now – 1300 873 252

Factors that Affect the Time it Takes to Process a TPD Claim

  1. Type of Claim

The type of TPD claim you make can significantly impact how long it takes to process your claim. For example, it may be easier to claim for a physical disability compared to a mental illness.

  1. Severity of Your Disability

The severity of your disability may affect how long it takes to process your claim for Total and Permanent Disability. Claims with severe and well-documented disabilities could be processed faster than claims that are less severe or have poor documentation.

  1. Availability of Medical Evidence

The availability of medical evidence can affect the amount of time it takes to conclude a TPD claim. Having comprehensive medical evidence, such as reports from treating doctors, specialists, and other health professionals is essential to support your claim.

  1. Your Claim’s Complexity

The complexity of your TPD claim may affect the processing time. If your claim is straightforward and does not need further investigation, it may be handled faster.

  1. Cooperation from Your Employer or Insurer

Cooperation from your employer or insurer can also impact the speed of processing your TPD claim. If there is disagreement from either the employer or insurer, it may delay your settlement.

What evidence will I need for my TPD claim assessment?

You will need to submit the following information for your superannuation disability claim:

  • Medical evidence and specialist reports – expert doctor, medical practitioner, physician, psychiatrist and medical reports, treating notes and referrals.
  • Your employment history – Your CV, work history, and employer reports showing your skills and training.
  • Financial evidence – Centrelink reports, tax reports and your pay records.

How can I fast-track my TPD claim?

To accelerate your TPD claim payout, you must ensure the following:

1) Your documents match the insurer’s requirements – all insurance companies have processes for insurance claim approvals and each type of case. Your settlement will be faster when your submission meets their expectations the first time it is lodged.

2)  You provide compelling evidence of your condition – to have a winning TPD claim, your disability must be certified. Your physical or mental damage will determine the complexity or simplicity of this stage. e.g. some psychiatric conditions trigger almost automatic approval as they are known to be irreversible. Reports from specialist doctors or psychiatrists are more compelling than those of a general practitioner.

3) Submit all your documents simultaneously. Understanding what your insurance companies need to make a decision and giving it to them the first time will speed up your claim.

Our claim lawyers know how to fast-track your TPD case. Our 99% success rate is evidence of our skill with all types of insurance claims. We know what your insurer needs to progress your case.

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What do insurance companies do to slow down TPD claims?

Insurance companies are more interested in protecting their bottom line that approving your case. They will look for every reason to minimise, delay or reject your claim. Of course, some insurers are more cooperative, while others have a track record for prolonging an outcome. 

According to the Insurance Contracts Act 1984, Australian insurance companies have a legal obligation to act in good faith. Under section 13 of the Act, they are legally responsible for promptly assessing insurance claims. You can read more about their obligations here >

One technique they use is to ask for your evidence piece by piece. If you do not lodge all the required information in your initial submission, they can seek to delay by requesting each document one at a time. They might also request reports they don’t require to reach an outcome. 

Keep your claim on track with professional legal support. Give your claim for compensation a great chance of a speedy outcome by having an experienced insurance solicitor manage your case. Aussie Injury Lawyers is a 100% No Win, No Fee law firm. This means you pay us nothing until we win your case. We get paid once you settle. We want a fast, excellent outcome, just like you.

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