Claiming Income Protection & TPD for Parkinson’s Disease

You can claim TPD for Parkinson’s disease and get a lump sum payout. To succeed, you must show that your illness stops you from working.
claiming insurance benefits for Parkinsons Disease

Guide to Parkinson's Disease Insurance Benefit Claims

Income Protection and TPD Claims for Parkinson's Disease

You could make a TPD claim for or claim income protection benefits when diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. For a successful benefit payout, you will need compelling medical evidence showing how symptoms affect your work performance. These tests prove your capacity to work in your current occupation or any jobs for which you are trained.

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100% No Win No Fee TPD Claims for Parkinson's Disease

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About Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a critical illness that impacts individuals in various ways. Generally, people living with this medical condition experience a progressive decline in their nervous system, which means they cease earning an income temporarily or permanently.

Everyone experiences Parkinson’s differently, and your symptoms will change in nature and severity, significantly affecting your life. Effective treatment generally involves surgery or a range of medications to help manage your condition.

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What is the impact of Parkinson's Disease?

Symptoms could be minor and barely noticeable when you first acquire Parkinson’s Disease. However, progressive nerve deterioration will likely escalate symptoms. At first, you might see reduced facial expression, or your arms don’t swing while walking. With time other changes could include:

  • A rhythmic shaking or tremor in your limbs (involuntary movements)
  • Slowing movements
  • Stiff muscles
  • Issues with balance and posture
  • Changes in writing and speech
  • Loss of automatic physical motions

Most aspects of your life will change due to your illness. Medical treatment will help manage your condition seeking to control the extent to which symptoms alter your daily routine. However, you will likely face challenges with travel, recreational activities, driving a car, maintaining a career, and the associated financial issues.

Is Parkinson's Disease considered a disability in Australia?

To claim disability benefits, when under 65 years old with a confirmed Parkinson’s diagnosis (and a citizen and permanent resident of Australia), you will likely qualify for NDIS support.

Making a successful disability insurance claim for Parkinson’s Disease relies on complying with your policy terms. Every insurance policy is different, and so is its disability definition. Your TPD or income protection coverage will determine the evidence required to access all insurance benefits. 

To access your Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) lump sum payout, medical evidence is required showing your incapacity to work again in your usual occupation due to the nature of your condition. In other words, your medical symptoms stop you from doing your regular job.

Can I continue working with Parkinson's?

Some people who live with Parkinson’s disease may continue to work for several years after they were diagnosed. Options include your boss adjusting work tasks or choosing to change to an occupation that facilitates your new circumstances. Capacity to continue in your job will consider the following:

  • The type of symptoms and their severity
  • The nature of your existing work tasks
  • How much your employer supports you

Your work might continue for some time if you have minor symptoms. However, the unpredictable nature of nervous system deterioration could endanger you and others. For example, operating heavy machinery at work or driving a vehicle with compromised motor coordination could lead to an accident. In this case, your best choice is to transition to a different role.

What insurance benefits can I claim for Parkinson's Disease?

Depending on the nature of your condition and where you live, you could claim multiple disability benefits. When successful, you can transition to a financially comfortable life, giving you the resources needed to manage your illness.

It is common for Australian workers to have contributed to at least one superannuation fund. Fortunately, several insurance policies in your super account likely protect your finances when you suffer an unexpected illness or injury that compromises work capacity. These policies typically included  TPD insurance cover and income protection insurance.

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Claiming a TPD Payout for Parkinsons

Many people living with Parkinson’s Disease in Australia successfully claim TPD insurance benefits. Once approved, a lump sum payment is deposited into your superannuation account, where it can be withdrawn.

Of course, large insurers will seek to protect their financial interests by examining your insurance terms and proof to see how they might reduce or deny your TPD entitlements.

Our insurance claims lawyers know the eligibility criteria and how to lodge a successful claim. They will examine your TPD policies (you may have more than one) and determine the best legal strategy for accessing all entitlements.

Parkinson's Disease Income Protection Claims (TTD)

There is no doubt that a Parkinson’s diagnosis will help you access income protection benefits. Medical therapies and medications will likely require time away from work. When this happens, income protection insurance provides a replacement income for temporary incapacitation. 

Aussie Injury Lawyers will ensure you have a winning TTD claim. Our 99% approval track record is your guarantee of success.

How will my disability insurer assess my claim?

Your insurance company will review how Parkinson’s has impacted your life, including cognitive functions, fatigue, and non-motor physical symptoms. They will typically expect a medical assessment of symptom severity, frequency and the influence of non-motor physical symptoms. Generally, a psychiatrist, psychologist or neuropsychologist would provide these documents; however, they are more likely to be compelled by a neurologist’s report. 

Cognitive abilities will consider the following:

  • Memory loss
  • Organisation challenges
  • Blurred thinking
  • Short attention span
  • Length of time to process information
  • Feelings of depression and anxiety
  • Your ability to cope with stress
  • Challenges communicating
  • Your capacity to express thoughts
  • Problem-solving ability

Your medical report may also regard how fatigue impacts the capacity to work, including:

  • Can you sustain the physical demands of your role, e.g. standing, sitting, typing, travelling, operating machinery etc
  • Maintaining the cognitive aspects of your job like sustaining attention, complicated thinking, using knowledge correctly and error-free
  • Work your regular hours without needing numerous breaks and sick days.

Your insurance company will also consider your non-motor physical symptoms created by issues with your nervous system. Each of these illness conditions could be disabling on its own and even more so in combination, including:

  • Blurred and double vision
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Incontinence or frequent urination
  • Postural hypotension
  • Excessive saliva
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Medication side-effects

Get Expert Legal Help with Parkinson's TPD Claims

If you are living with Parkinson’s Disease and battling to maintain work or thinking about quitting, please speak with our experienced critical illness claim lawyers to understand your options.

It would help to get informed legal advice before changing making any work changes. The steps you take now might jeopardise your chance of success.

Aussie Injury Lawyers is a leading Australian insurance claim law firm. We have proven expertise in litigating against large insurance companies, proven by our 99% approval rate. Give yourself the best opportunity for success by contacting us now. We will investigate your insurance policies for free and advise the following:

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  2. How much your claims are worth
  3. Your chance of a successful outcome
  4. The essential next steps to get your deserved payout

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